Pokemon: 2000 Kellogg’s Pokemon Battle Tops – Set of 6


This is a collection of six Pokemon-themed spinning top toys, dubbed by Kellogg’s in their original release as “Battle Tops.” This is not a complete set, as the original release featured eight designs, the pictured six – Marill, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Hoothoot, Poliwag, and Togepi – as well as Ledyba and Gengar. Ledyba and Gengar are not included. Condition of the tops is used, and care has been taken to photograph any potential damage to the paint.

The image pictured is of the product you will receive. Dolls, toys, and related collectibles are being sold in an as-is condition. All attempts are made to disclose past information about the product, including whether items have been removed from box or damaged in any meaningful way. Please contact us if there is any confusion about an item’s history or condition.

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