A Fox Asleep


A Fox Asleep is a company that specializes in collectibles of all varieties! Whether that means identifying or restoring old toys, seeking out full collections of books or cards, importing rare figurines, managing consignment for estate or business sales, or just thinking something is particularly neat, we try our best to stock exciting and desirable items at reasonable prices.

As the vast majority of our goods are second-hand or used, we want you to be able to expect full disclosure on condition, history, and authenticity. In every listing, we will always offer as much information about the product as we have available, and will do our best to note any peculiarities, faults, or relevant backgrounds. We welcome any further questions you may have about a given product and encourage you to reach out if you have any concerns!

Shipping from A Fox Asleep is based on the value of the item and shipping within the USA is always free. Included in every lot is the industry standard protection for each item; collectible cards will always be mailed in soft sleeves and top loaders, gems will be double-bagged or boxed, etc. Currently shipping is enabled for the USA and Japan; feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about how your item will be mailed or if you would like to know if shipping to other regions can be enabled.