14kt White Gold, Diamond, and Blue Montana Sapphire Scatter Ring


This is a 14kt white gold scatter ring set with diamonds, six 3.0mm round, and eight 2.5mm round blue Rock Creek Montana Sapphires in varying shades of blue. This piece does come in standard ring sizes, so please be aware of this when selecting your purchase. This is genuine Sapphires of Montana brand jewelry being sold as remnants from a previous show. All jewelry pieces being sold in our store are from the final close-out of a gem and jewelry business whose owner specialized in acquisition and trends over a period of ten or so years.

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The image pictured is representative of the product you will receive. Colours can vary across screen resolutions, so you may find that this ring is slightly different than you expected. If you feel, however, that your ring’s colour is egregiously different from its visual description, or that we have sent you the wrong product by mistake, please contact us!