Mahenge Spinel: 5x3mm Antique Cushion, Set of Three


This is a set of three 5x3mm antique cushion cut pink Spinel from the Mahenge region of Tanzania. They were not cut for calibration and weigh, combined, approximately 0.83 carats. They are a very vibrant pink, but they do NOT have the internal glow that is indicative of material from the region. They appear to be matched visually face-up, but they have different cuts when viewed from behind, and are NOT being sold as lot of matched stones, only as a set. All gemstones being sold in our store are from the final close-out of a gem and jewelry business whose owner specialized in acquisition and trends over a period of ten or so years.

The image pictured is of the product you will receive. Colours can vary across screen resolutions, so you may find that these stones are slightly different than you expected. If you feel, however, that your stones’ colour is egregiously different from the visual description, or that we have sent you the wrong product by mistake, please contact us!

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