Pikachu (27) Black Star Promo [DAMAGED]


This is Pikachu (27), a Black Star promotional card from the series released by WOTC during their print run of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The card was originally a bonus item to the DVD release of the movie Pokemon: The Power of One. It was part of a collection sold to us from someone who played with their cards as a child, and is in a heavily damaged condition.

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The image pictured is of the product you will receive. Trading cards being sold in our shop have been photographed extensively so that potential buyers evaluating an item for professional grading may be aware of a card’s potential. All of these photographs are of a high magnification, and zero in on flaws that might not otherwise be visible with by naked eye. Please keep this in mind if you are purchasing for a collection that is not graded; a card will always look better in person than in these photographs.

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