Reborn!: Tsunayoshi Sawada and Enma Kozato Keychains


This is a set of two keychains of the Reborn! characters Tsunayoshi Sawada and Enma Kozato, as illustrated by artists Rayca and Sye. They seem to be laminated card stock and are listed as a pair. They are being sold as used collectibles and are not officially licensed products. The series and character names are sometimes given as Katekyou Hitman Reborn! and Sawada Tsunayoshi, Kozato Enma.

The image pictured is of the products you will receive. All anime and manga merchandise is being sold in an as-is condition. All attempts are made to disclose past information about the product, including whether items have been removed from box or damaged in any meaningful way. Please contact us if there is any confusion about an item’s history or condition.

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